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Safe roads
for all road users


To build enlightened road users who practice sustainable road safety behaviors through cutting edge behavior change communication, innovation and advocacy.


The organisation registered under the Societies Registration Act in Andhra Pradesh The registration No. 165/2002. Also VHEEDU acquired 12A of IT Act Government of India and 80G Income Tax Exemption under the IT Act of Govt. of India.


  • M. Vasu

    Founder & Director

  • K. Nagarjun Reddy


  • C.V. Phanikumar

    Vice – President

  • T. Chandrakanth

    Joint Secretary

  • K. Ranga Rao


  • D.V. Nagalakshmi

    Executive Member

  • M. Ravi

    Executive Member

India has the second largest road network in the world with over 3 million km of roads of which 60% are paved. These roads make a vital contribution to the India's economy. On the whole, the facilities for the road users are not up to the mark, leading to a high toll of the death victims. Recently, there is a growing concern over the road crash problem.

With the advancement of technology, the most developed projects undertaken along with the real estate are the massive road building projects. But while new roads are being built, faster and faster automobiles are being invented in high numbers making road safety a crucial question.

Road safety is emerging as a major social concern in the country. The statistics are mind boggling with an average mortality rate of 150,000 persons dying in road accidents. Approximately half of all deaths on the country's roads are among vulnerable road users - motorcyclists, pedestrians and cyclists. A heterogeneous traffic mix that includes high-speed vehicles sharing the road space with vulnerable road users as well as unsafe road infrastructure and vehicles that are in poor condition all contribute to the high fatality rates seen on India’s roads.

Let's peek into some India related 5 facts:

1. 85% of all road accident deaths occur in developing countries and nearly half in the Asia-Pacific region.

2. India accounts for about 10 percent of road accident fatalities worldwide.

3. An estimated 1,275,000 persons are grievously injured on the road every year.

4. Social cost of annual accidents in India has been estimated at $ 11,000.

5. Professionalism in driver training is absent, proportion of untrained drivers is continually on the rise and a positive driving culture is lacking. Enhancing road safety is such a complex task that we all should shoulder the responsibility to achieve success in this area.

5 Facts on global road safety:

1. About 1.3 million people die each year on the world's roads and between 20 and 50 million sustain non-fatal injuries.

2. Road traffic crashes are a major cause of death among all age groups and the leading cause of death among those aged 15–29 years.

3. As many as 50 million people are injured or disabled by road traffic crashes every year.

4. Half of all crash victims are vulnerable road users such as pedestrians, cyclists, and motorcyclists.

5. Road traffic crashes cost countries up to 4% of their Gross National Product.

“The highest Education is that which does not merely give us information but makes our life in harmony with all existence” – Rabindranath Tagore

“VIDHYA DHAANAM SARVA DHAANAM” education is the best tool for the development of any nation. To design a society with human values and peaceful coexistence education is the most importane element. Identifying and rectifying the problem at grass root level , found the field of elementary education was most neglected. The repairing works was extended to the various parts of the Vijayawada city were a number of non school going children and dropouts were identified and conducted coordination programmes identifying the nucleus defects among the parents and children. Counseling were extended making learning as a playful affair among these children.

To further interest in education and in order to stop and curtail the number of dropouts, in the event of financial problem or sudden and untimely setbacks in the family, on any time financial support and commitments were assured by “VHEEDU” to continue with further studies in the same school.

To promote education further to the level of secondary education, sponsors were identified who can take of the challenge of educating a child especially a girl child up to minimum 10th class. A sponsor shall bear the expenses of the child’s tuition fee, school dresses and other facilities requested and required by the school authorities. The performance of the child is monitored and shall be informed to the sponsor guardians time to time.

The Secret of Health for both mind and body is not to mourn for the past, wary about the future. Or anticipate troubles, but live in the present moment wisely and earnestly “ Lord Buddha.

Since the inception tireless efforts were made to extinguish the fore of spreading “HIV/AIDS “ among various section of society. Our only motto was Prevention is better than cure” propagating the same, our committed volunteers travelled miles and miles in and around state of Andhra Pradesh and Tamilnadu. In our journey, towards the goal, many associates joined us.

“Youths are the strength of the nation” , during one of our journeys, we could see many of the youngsters, school and college going addicted to various kinds of drugs, a number of campaign and seminars was organized to enlighten them the drawbacks of drug addiction in the long run. Rehabilitation was prime and important segment in the process of eradication, medical counseling and treatment were extended to the victims.

It’s more than 7 decades after the independence, still the plight of the women and children remains the same without any exceptional expected change. 70-80% of the citizens of India live in villages and the major part of them are women. Freedom and liberty unknown to them, bearing of children and house hold work are the major issues in their day to day life till they breath their last. Many of them neither knows law nor they are educated. They are a shadow of a men and under goes many sufferings in the society, religious based, superstitious and of prevailing social orders from the living society..we have made tireless efforts to reach them with various programmes so as to give the light of knowledge and independence. In order to make them self sufficient we have built up capacity building measures and legal advisory centers other than establishing economic activities through training and involvement in cottage and small scale industrial programmes of individual and group base. Financial need and immobility are he major curse of these women and children. We have identified and designed a future for these hapless women by creating cooperative awareness, forming self help groups to overcome their financial needs and strains by various tailor made programmes – diaryfarming , waste management , tailoring and manufacturing of packaged edible items.


10 Characteristics of Safe, Professional School Bus Drivers

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VHEEDU – Road Safety NGO


At VHEEDU, we are of the opinion that selfless service for a societal issue as volunteer is a powerful way to showcase concern for the society.

Your contribution through your time, skill and knowledge, albeit may be small in your eyes can collectively be a significant force for achieving our ultimate goal to save people from road traffic crashes and deaths. Your contribution as volunteer can benefit to the society at large and to you as an individual.

So come forward and make a positive difference to the society!

Kindly download the Volunteer registration form by clicking the link below.

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Donate To:

a) “VIDHYADHANAM” Educational support (Scholarship) for victims of road crashes.

b) Economic Support for sustainable Income: Financial assistance for the small business or skill building for the road crash Victims or their family members to earn sustainable income.

c) Medical and provide artificial limps: Financial assistance for the medical support and artificial limps for the road crash victims.

Use your valuable money for noble causes Your donations are Tax exempted under the section U/S 80G

Account Name : Voluntary Health, Education and Economic Development Unit, Bank Name : CANARA BANK,

Account Number : 2 9 5 6 1 0 1 0 0 2 0 3 9, IFSC Code CNRB0002956,

Branch Name : Bhavanipuram Branch, Address Vijayawada -12, Andhra Pradesh, India

Affiliations • 12 A • 80 G

Founder &
Director’s Desk :

VHEEDU is a nonprofit and non-Governmental organisation established in the year 2002 for association and development of the nationwide initiatives taken in the field of road safety and to exchange knowledge, views and ideas that are successfully practiced around the Nation.

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